The World’s Most Versatile MultipurposeWater Management Solution

EPIC WATER SOLUTIONS HOLDING LIMITED (EPIC WSH) is an ADGM SPV Holding company established in August 2022. The company is planning to establish two operational LLC subsidiaries in both Saudi Arabia and the UAE respectively that will conduct design, engineering, supplies and project management.

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From the Nevada desert in the USA,

a scientist created a technology and method

We’re bringing it
to the GCC to:

  • Save millions of cubic meters of precious water
  • Save millions of kWh of energy
  • Turn the Desert Green

Sand Hydroponics

EPIC Total Water Solutions technology are sand hydroponic planting systems, where plants grow in SAND and not soil. Although sand generally has not been recognized as a planting media due to its fast drainage, sand is actually a preferred growing media for most plants. Adhesion and cohesion properties of water create surface tension and capillary rise within the sand growing profile.


Modular Construction

Saves Water

Superior Drainage

Effortless Installation


The Technology

The Environmental Passive Integrated Conveyance (EPIC) apparatus and technique creates Total Water Solutions for the modern world. EPIC drainage filtration protect watersheds. Sustainable sand hydroponic EPIC planting systems conserve water, use less fertilizer, and grow prolifically stronger plants in washed sand, not soil. The secret is the patented EPIC apparatus and method that controls the physical parameters in a sand media allowing the plant to decide when to drink, breathe, and absorb nutrients. EPIC manages water and air subsurface by mimic of nature.

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the EPIC system is ready to be installed anywhere around the globe

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